Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I Was Late

Special Thanks:
To Mr. Graham Akeson, for being there with the scissors, and only laughing a little.

Even super bass-babes are still not cool enough to ride their awesome bicycles in long skirts.

Other News:
-The sun is back.
-Contra dancing is the best most exhausting and satisfyingly fun thing I've done in a very long time. I've successfully passed out unconscious, and dreamless, on my bed at a reasonable hour for the past two weekends now, without the aid of any mind-altering substance. My calves hurt so good right now!
-I have so much work to do. ugh. moving on...
-Today's Psych/Neuro department lecture was on the defensive behaviors of rodents and humans. It was frickin amazing, if you want a proper explanation you're just gonna have to call me.
-blues dancing=hawt. I didn't think I could bend all those ways. Still not so sure I was meant to.
-Tonight the orchestra rehearses Mendelssohn's Elijah with full choir for the first time. I'm so stoked.
-I found a secret spot to practice in outside, which I will not tell you about, because some sneaky violinist will probably steal it. Just know that Mr. Darcy is getting his fair share of sunshine too.
-I miss you, and will be home soon. (soon=May 19th)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rockin Pnemonia and Boogie Woogie Blues

So I can't sleep. I can't even blame California tonight, either. I think it might have something to do with the three shots of espresso, mug of earl grey, and chocolate surprise cake (with sweet cream cheese icing inside) that I just had. Not that I only give you blog-love when I can't sleep...just today.

If I ran the world...
Every restaurant would have a cup of crayons on the table, and extra napkins to draw on. Lynn's Paradise Cafe is leading Earth in this movement, currently. Not only do they provide crayons for every table, but tubs of plastic dinosaurs and cowboys as well. Also, the winners from the annual Ugly Lamp contest at the state fair (which is exactly what it sounds like, with prizes for the ugliest lamps in the "born ugly" and "made ugly" categories) are proudly displayed on every table. With killer cinnamon sweet potato fries and grits done right, it's obvious why this is my favorite restaurant, and why anyone I go there with now has a multicolored napkin portrait of themselves.

The psychics of Cafe Mimosa are still spot on. My fortune today: "Travels from nesting space will take you to a broader cultural horizon." I'm not sure the traditional ending applies here.