Saturday, March 8, 2008

Do that Time Warp again!

This was written several days ago. Clearly we're in a time warp. (or I just don't know how to use my computer. That's also possible.):

Looking out my window now, I can see nothing but white. At first I assumed I wasn't wearing my glasses, but as I can see everything in my room clearly, this is obviously not the case. Therefore I must conclude that:
a.) Matt and Ian have hit my window with so many snowballs that it is covered in ice.
b.) A giant albino squirrel is trying to climb the side of Langston.
c.) Oberlin is in the middle of an f-ing blizzard.

Since Matt and Ian's aim is not that good, and the giant albino squirrels live in the Arb, I'm going with C.

So the snow has been coming down hard for about 48 hours now. They haven't plowed the sidewalks, and it is Too Cold. My bike is frozen, but my room is nice and toasty, with warm quilts and fleece blankets, and I have enough soup and coffee to withstand nuclear apocalypse (not really). If I listen carefully, I can hear the wind moaning through the trees, and it seems to say....

doooooon't gooooooo outsiiiiiiiiide.

I'm not about to disobey a direct order like that. You know what that means? LISTS!!!!

My Louisville Tour would include:
kayaking from the marina by that greasy seafood restaurant to the Ohio river.
2.)bourbon french toast, sweet raspberry iced tea, macaroni, and banana pudding at Lynn's Paradise Cafe
3.)Bardstown road shopping tour, including Queen of Rags, Discoveries, Ear-X-Tacy, ending at Homemade Pie and Ice-cream kitchen for dutch apple with caramel pie
4.)surrey biking in waterfront park, walking along the waterfront, the Belle
4.)frisbee and fountain baths in cherokee park/soccer in Seneca park
5.)crayon rubbings in Cave Hill cemetary
6.)late set at the jazz factory with chocolate cheesecake
7.)Fat Friday gallery-trolley hop on Frankfurt
8.)orchestra concert downtown, + the glass factory and elevator jumping in the Starks building
9.)Sunday night concert in cheroke triangle, with ice cream from the truck, iced coffee from Heine Bros, and quilts to spread on the lawn
10.)a Hitchcock movie in the Brown theater

My Future Home:
1.) The doors are framed by climbing roses. Giant purple clematis hangs from the mailbox, and the honeysuckle on the fences (the kind you can squeeze little drops of sweetness from) makes the yard smell like heaven. A row of giant sunflowers nods from the back of yard.
2.) When I get tired of the color of the door, I paint it a new one: red, green, blue, or yellow.
3.) Instead of walls there are bookshelves, broken by stained glass and little figurines and bowls of Werthers. Ferns and Christmas cactus hang in baskets (high enough that I don't smack into them) around the reading/sitting room.
4.) Secret passageways are left undisturbed for my kids to find. Some of them are filled with treasures. They are decorated by years of overlapping murals and childish scribble, lined with pillows, and perfect for secret meetings.
5.) The music room has instruments collected from everywhere. The music library on a side wall is organized by instrument and composer. A giant mural (which changes every couple years or so) covers one wall, concert posters and paintings cover another. The hardwood floors are ideal for making a bass resonate. On the piano are the pictures of my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother, and me all sitting in the dresses and on the benches of our own time, and a vase full of flowers from the yard.
6.) The big plushy colorful rugs don't match the curtains, which don't match the couches, which don't match the paintings.
7.) The porch has two rocking chairs side by side, with a small table between. They look out on the garden.
8.) The kitchen is big enough to dance in, and the rack of pots and pans high enough that I don't run into it. The stereo is next to the flour and sugar tins. One window box has basil, oregano, rosemary, the other marigolds, mint, and chamomile. I made the spice rack, and it's painted with roses. The walls are either blue or yellow. There's a small table next to the window, with a white linen table cloth and a pot of violets in the middle.
9.) Butterfly bushes keep the hummingbirds and butterflies happy. Finch feeders, a wind chime, and sun catchers hang around the porch. I never powerwash the stepping stones in the yard, and none of the bricks lie straight. There's a wide wooden swing hanging from the oak tree. The tree house has an elaborate pulley system to transport secret messages and snacks from different lookout points. Every part is a different color.
10.) In summer I sell mason jars of honey (and comb) from the three bee boxes in the back of yard at the farmers market stand, and I always set the thermostat close to the outside temperature, so I have more money to spend on the garden and music room.

Back to the Future (aka today):
It is warm again (relatively).

Ohio weather is insane:
-Last week the lock on my bike was frozen solid. When I tried to turn the key inside it, the metal part of the key broke off.
-In some places there's still something like three feet of snow. Tomorrow it's going to rain.
-yesterday I wore: two sweaters, ear-muffs, scarf, thick gloves, thick pants, and a coat. Tomorrow I will probably wear a skirt, t-shirt and jacket.

Hmm, well if I feel like saying anything interesting I'll start another post. Give yourselves big hugs from me, see you soon (only two weeks until I come home!)!