Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Dedication: Types and Degrees

It took passing 2 jocks in fishnets, a guy riding a bike in neon orange short shorts with matching tube socks and pasties, and a girl wearing a shiny dominatrix outfit (as much as a few inch wide straps of pleather can count as an "outfit") complete with chains for me to remember that tonight is Safer Sex Night.

Definition Time! Safer Sex Night is an annual Oberlin celebration of skimpy costumes, loud music, alcohol, and (often) glitter or pleather (because we love the animals). Oberlin students journey to the 'Sco wearing almost nothing in order to celebrate their sexual freedom.

I might add that I was on my way to the library.

It is currently 31 degrees and dropping.

Who is more dedicated?
Does Oberlin hold this event in November on purpose?

In other news, I should be working.