Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paghera tutto questo signore.

I’ve recently discovered that some people actually read this thing, so I’m going to try to be better about posting. Look for more posts from Louisville (Luhvulle), Kentucky, and then…. Arezzo!

I've been extremely busy lately. Swamped in fact. My most pressing responsibilities have included napping, drawing, bathing, napping, baking, playing bass, napping, sipping coffee, eating, and sleeping.

Ok, so I'm no poet, but the other night my brother and our good family friend from the neighborhood (Jordan) were having our first bonfire of the summer since I've been home, and I wanted to express the moment in a way that was not cliche repetitions of how much everyone had grown up and how bittersweet it is that nothing will ever be the same. So here goes:

A red glow
sharpens the edges of our thinning faces
the softness of childhood melted away
in the heat of a year of fires
spent apart
And from within these new faces voices
chafed and deepened
rush out to meet the cool night air and echo
in the chasm of a year's unshared memories.
Three pillars of time,
of cookies, scrapes, hidden cameras, and
poor dancing,
spies in an adult world,
cluster around a memory
throw plans and dreams
that flash and sizzle away
Into the space between us
Like pennies in a wishing well
Or an ocean.

Theme and Variations on the Traditional Cousins Night Out:
1.) Hugs. Traditional Greetings: “You look great!” “So do you!” (it’s still true every time. We always look great.)
2.) To Kashmiir for Indian food!
3.) Insist that we try something new this time, (not malai kofta and curry chicken with sweet lassi and coconut nan)
4.) Order malai kofta and curry chicken with sweet lassi and coconut nan.
5.) Eat too much
6.) Talk about our lives (recurring themes include a-men are clueless, b-everyone’s growing up too fast, c-remember that time when…, and d-you still owe me for that time when…)
7.) Waddle to Heine Bros for coffee and some devilish chocolate dessert, despite haven eaten too much at Kashmiir
8.) Reminiscing and Delighting, with many repetitions of "awww!" "that bastard!" and "that's so sweet!" return to previous themes (with slight variations: men are now oblivious instead of clueless, everyone should stop growing at 6 years old, and ___ is how you will repay me for that time when…)
9.) Create excuses to prolong the night. This time we held time at bay by swimming and eating Derby pie.

Useful Italian Phrases:
Paghera tutto questo signore…This Gentleman will pay for everything.
Il mio marito รจ nell'esercito…..My husband is in the Army.
Caffe stretto, per piacere…Rocket fuel, please. (made from espresso with less water)

Special Congradulations to my cousins: Sarah Smith for graduating from Male Traditional School, and Julie Smith for graduating from JCTMS. I’m so proud of you both. Now please stop growing (just kidding).

Bass Family Portraits: